Reseña del Spa Inkaterra Hacienda Mayu

By Chere Di Boscio Wellness tourists are increasingly flocking to the Andes for healing. They immerse themselves into ayahuasca, San Pedro, plant diets and shamanic rituals, which can sometimes be harrowing, though effective, ways of overcoming personal, physical and spiritual issues. However, there are kinder, more subtle methods of doing this, […]

Festival peruano y fechas festivas

There are plenty of festivals in Peru – and many unique ones in the Sacred Valley! They’re generally colourful, musical, spectacular events, and anyone is welcome to attend. To really understand Andean culture and to integrate into it, why not join in? Peruvian National Holidays January 1 New Year’s day […]

Los beneficios de la agricultura de permacultura

By Jody McCutcheon From urban gardens in New York to huge chakras in Peru, permaculture principles have influenced how people grow food. It’s a natural form of cultivation that has been championed by popular eco-guru Rob Greenfield and indigenous people alike. But is it a legitimate practice that’s helping to shatter the destructive […]