Advertencias sobre la vida en el Valle Sagrado

Life in the Sacred Valley is generally very safe, but there are a few things to watch out for.


To avoid getting sick, you’ll need to buy a good water filter, or better yet, bring one with you as these are pretty hard to find in the Sacred Valley. Click here to see a good list. You’ll need to find one that filters out all pesticides, chemicals and above all, parasites, as the water here is far from potable, and even ingesting a few unclean drops can lead to intestinal parasites that will drag you down, and which are hard to get rid of.

Although tuberculosis rates are high amongst the poorer communities, you’re unlikely to come into contact with anyone with the disease.


Although generally safe, frequent and cheap, sometimes speeding bus drivers get into serious accidents, which are especially bad due to the fact that buses are frequently overcrowded and without seatbelts. If you take a taxi anywhere, ensure they have seatbelts – drivers often remove them for some reason.


This is a very serious issue in rural areas. Carcinogenic pesticides including glyphosate in the form of Bazuka (Roundup in the USA) and many others are sprayed way, way beyond legal limits as there is virtually no control over this in the Valley, and residents living surrounded by agriculture fields are exposed to chemicals far beyond recommended limits. It should go without saying that all produce should be rinsed well with sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and fresh (not tap) water.


Robberies and muggings are virtually unheard of, but you should watch out for pickpockets at big events and in crowded areas like markets.