Gardening Tips For The Sacred Valley

Gardening in the Sacred Valley is easier than you think! Just follow these tips By Michael Morris Many people are aware that the Sacred Valley of the Incas supplied vegetables, herbs and even medicinal herbs for the entire Incan empire. From Columbia to Chile, the entire Andean stretch of Incan […]

What Is Huachuma? And Why Should You Care?

Huachuma – also known as San Pedro – can be a life-changing plant medicine By Chere Di Boscio Have you been curious to try Huachuma but have no idea what to expect? We’re here to help! According to the Psychedelic Times, Huachuma, or San Pedro (also variously known as andachuma, aguacolla, […]

Where To Eat Dinner In The Sacred Valley

Looking for something fun to do at night? Here’s where to eat dinner in the Sacred Valley By Chere Di Boscio Lima is well known for its gastronomic culture. And that’s fair enough; the food there is excellent! But Peruvian food is also excellent in the Sacred Valley. During the […]

guru verde

The Raw and Colorful World of Guru Verde

By Agnes Rivera Spirulina blue. Pitahaya fuchsia. Activated carbon black. The roster of ingredients utilized by Guru Verde crosses as many color spectrums as the raw desserts do specialized diets. Raw, vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free, low-carb, keto. Let’s just say this family-owned company is for non-binary tastebuds and we are in […]

The Evolution Of Monkey Coffee, Urubamba

By Agnes Rivera “A marketing friend told me I should change the story behind the name Monkey, make it more romantic,” says Jose Aguilar, with a gentle smirk and a shrug of the shoulders. Commented with the laid back attitude of someone who values serving top-notch coffee over marketing schemes, […]