why palo santo is endangered

Why Burning Palo Santo Is A BAD Idea

The scent of Palo Santo permeates the valley. You can catch a whiff in markets, houses, and of course, ceremonies. But did you know the Palo Santo tree is endangered? Bulnesia sarmientoi is native to Argentina, Bolivia, and Paraguay, and is a fairly small tree, growing between 7 and about 20 […]

Inkaterra Hacienda Urubamba Mayu Spa Review

By Chere Di Boscio Wellness tourists are increasingly flocking to the Andes for healing. They immerse themselves into ayahuasca, San Pedro, plant diets and shamanic rituals, which can sometimes be harrowing, though effective, ways of overcoming personal, physical and spiritual issues. However, there are kinder, more subtle methods of doing this, […]

10 Peruvian Superfoods You Need To Try

By Alexandria Beyer As any nutritionist (or devoted foodie) knows, superfoods are foods rich in diverse, beneficial nutrients for the body making one serving  of these particularly ‘super.’ They can benefit your health by not only bringing concentrated vitamins and minerals to your body, but in some cases, they can […]