What Is Sound Therapy And Why Is It Important?

It can do so much to heal. But what is sound therapy, anyway? We asked an expert

By Sylvia Cantino

Everything in the Universe is made up of vibration that constantly radiates and receives different frequencies (pitches). And each unique vibration or frequency emits some kind of sound.

The sounds emitted may be undetectable to the human ear. We are capable of hearing sound frequencies ranging from about 20 to 20 000 Hertz. Normally, we hear only the fundamental tones of any sound produced. However many other tones, not individually distinguishable, called overtones or harmonics, are also sounding, whether we can detect them or not.

Vibration is not just perceived through just our ears, but also through our whole being. This includes our skin, blood, bones and cellular structures.

So, why is sound therapy used in healing?

what is sound therapy?

Benefits of sound healing

Sound healing affects all systems of our body. It strengthens the immune system, improves sleep, stimulates the endocrine glands and regulates hormonal functioning. It balances both hemispheres of the brain, increases vital energy flow, stimulates circulation, restores blood pressure, helps to recover after illnesses, traumas or invasive medical treatments, and helps to fight a number of various diseases.

When an aspect of our being becomes diseased, stressed or imbalanced, an unfamiliar vibration has replaced the natural flow of energy. In order to return balance and harmony to the body, we need to restore the natural fundamental frequency. This can be achieved with the use of Sacred Sound tools through sympathetic resonance, which is when an aspect of balance is brought back into the body through a like vibration.

Sound Therapy works on the principle of resonance, which is the unique fundamental vibration or frequency with which each aspect, including all body parts, the charkas and layers of the aura, most naturally want to vibrate.

The human body is made up of about 70% water, making it the perfect sound resonator. Every cell of our body responds to all the sounds that surround us. Sound can affect every organ and various systems in the body. In short, sound transforms matter, and it makes changes on mental, emotional and spiritual levels too.

Sound Therapy is a non-invasive form of healing which works with to the wisdom of the body. Matter has a frequency. We are vibration machine looking for coherence, and Sound Therapy helps to restore this.

what is sound therapy?

How it’s used

In my own practice, I use a combination of gentle but deep massage work. And the use of sound is a profound way to connect with the core of your being! It also tunes your body at a cellular level through the gentleness of sound resonance and touch.

When you experience the vibrations of a Tibetan Bowl placed on your body, you will find the sound resonance gently ‘retuning’ and balancing your energies.

I also use a gong, as well as bowls. This acts as an accelerator of altered states of consciousness. It creates a space in which there is both a coming together of the senses and a union of the real with the unreal.
A gong feeds its surroundings through an acoustic space, in which harmonic and dissonant tones add and subtract from each other. Thus, we can re-stimulate both our pituitary and pineal glands in this way.
Whether you’re using sound therapy to heal yourself or someone else, or just to improve your focus in your meditation nook, I truly believe it will be useful and effective.
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