Where To Hang Out: The Best Cafes In Lima

By Living In Peru

It’s a sad reality that most of us in the Valley will have to visit Lima at some point, be it to get our carnet, visit a specialist doctor, for work, to buy stuff we can’t find here, or just connect to a flight.

There’s no doubt that Lima can be a bit daunting as a city – sprawling, polluted, crowded and confusing. Even finding a cafe to hang out in can be a bit of a mission! And for those of us who work from their computers, not just any coffee shop will do. Tech-savvy wanderlusters need a great internet connection, table space, electrical outlets and tasty coffee. Oh, and a touch of the local vibe is a must.

With all these things in mind, we’ve selected some of the best cafes in Lima, not only for working, but for chilling with friends, too.

1. Tostaduría Bisetti

Since its creation in 1958 by a Peruvian of Italian descent, Bisetti has taken the art of coffee making seriously, yet continues to offer a comfortable atmosphere to work or share a quiet conversation. In English the word tostar means “to roast,” and the in-house roasted beans at this coffee shop offer a taste quality to be appreciated by true coffee connoisseurs. From Chemex to pour over, there are numerous brewing methods listed on the menu, though the intense cold brew certainly has our hearts during these warmer months.

A short stroll from Barranco’s Puente de los Suspiros, Bisetti offers plenty of cushioned, diner-style seating and numerous outlets as well as a few standing bar tables. Need a break from the screen? Head to the back of the cafe where an open-air patio offers a mellow vibe and definite change of scenery.

Address: Av. Pedro de Osma 116, Barranco

2. Colonia & Co.

Slay the day with an unequivocal espresso made by one of the first Slayer espresso machines to arrive to South America. Handcrafted in the U.S. coffee capital Seattle (Washington), the machine is just barely visible from the entryway of Colonia & Co. and a big draw for international travelers. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the place is as cute as can be and completely Instagram-worthy.

There are plenty of tables and chairs, though the coffee bar is our personal favorite place to sit and do some people watching (er, we mean work). Order La Chapa for a festive espresso infused with all-spice milk or any of the cold brew tonics for a refreshingly different caffeinated kick. Veggie extracts and well-crafted cocktails (it’s noon somewhere) are also available. Be sure to stick around for lunch to try their homemade pasta or a summery salad. This cafe is pet-friendly.

Address: Prolongación Av. San Martin 131, Barranco

best cafes in lima

3. Puku Puku Café

Have you ever sat in a swing as you sip on a latte and type away on your laptop? Neither have we, and frankly it doesn’t seem advisable, though it is possible at Puku Puku.

This micro-cafe has several locations that dot the city of Lima and has even expanded to the city of Arequipa—an impressive feat considering the first shop opened just six years ago. Over time, the company has continued to be one of the best coffee shops in Lima, with high values of social responsibility and sustainability while encouraging a fun atmosphere. Nearly 50% of the materials used to craft each of the cheery spaces are recycled, but don’t worry: the tables and chairs (and occasional swings) are sturdy and the electrical outlets are up to date. This cafe is pet-friendly.

Address: Pardo y Aliaga 695, San Isidro; Larco 1285, Miraflores; Narciso de la Colina 297, Miraflores; Calle Libertad 415

4. Kulcafé

Located just a couple of blocks from Parque Kennedy, this hidden Miraflores gem is great for a quiet cappuccino or working lunch. Sink into one of the Victorian-style armchairs inside or get some reading done in the breezy outdoor seating area right out front. Located on a surprisingly quiet street, the dimly lit interior is a great place to work on a weekday morning.

Keep your energy up during working hours with some homemade waffles or a bagel and a fresh fruit smoothie. This is one of the best cafes in Lima for European food, too: since it’s German-owned, you can even satisfy your cravings for bratwurst here.

Address: Calle Bellavista 370, Miraflores

best cafes in lima

5. Las Vecinas

Healthy, homemade vegetarian food is the main attraction in this stylish, hidden gem of a cafe. Choose from rich soups and delicious sandwiches to sweet breakfast bowls and a wide array of baked goods, including vegan choices. As for drinks, there’s the usual coffee, tea and hot chocolate selection, but also an array of super-fresh juices, too. I love this place, personally! I’d say it’s one of the best cafes in Lima for sure. This cafe is pet-friendly.

Jirón Domeyer 219 , Barranco

best cafes in lima

6. Caleta Dolsa Café

If it weren’t for the crowd of weekend brunch-goers commonly seen outside of this cafe (or its immediate presence on social media) we probably wouldn’t have noticed this place existed. Sunken below street level on the busy Av. San Martin in Barranco, the cafe thankfully clears out during the week (when young, wanna-be bloggers are in school). There is a perfect balance of surfer vibe and minimalism found in Caleta Dolsa that can help you find your focus. Not only do we consider it one of the best cafes in Lima: in 2019 it was elected the best café by Chamber of Coffee and Cocoa of Peru.

The coffee is not acidic, which is a big plus for us. Bonus points for the fact that the coffee is brewed with sustainably cultivated coffee beans. Enjoy a cup from the large and tall table to the left of the entrance. It offers laptop space as well as the option to stand while working, and is near outlets. This cafe is pet-friendly.

Address: Av San Martin 223, Barranco

7. La Bodega Verde

Walking into La Bodega Verde feels like walking into a storybook. The coffee counter is at the entrance, though you’ll hardly give it a glance as your eyes settle on the beautiful green courtyard area to the left. Indoor and outdoor areas blend together as you duck your head into the tiny white building: an immaculately simple and stunning seating area with a few tables and white couches, all decorated with tiny flower bouquets. No wonder this cafe has a second location inside Lima’s Museum of Contemporary Art! This is really one of the best cafes in Lima for interior design.

The coffee here is enjoyable, though it is their tea menu that really steals the show. For under S/10 you can sip on a personal pot of freshly brewed tea using nationally grown herbs. Each one is aromatic and delicate. Too hot for tea? Not is this shaded cafe. This cafe is pet-friendly.

Address: Jiron Mariscal Jose Antonio de Sucre 335A, Barranco

8. The Coffee Road

Often considered one of the best coffee Alejandro Chu opened this ample cafe in 2014, though his passion for coffee and off-roading has been a seemingly lifelong adventure. On his own set of four wheels, Chu personally travels the back roads of Peru to find beans harvested in the fertile coffee regions of Peru: from La Esmeralda, Inca Wasi in Cusco, to Ponderosa from Villa Rica in Pasco. When you step inside this wide open coffee spot, you’ll see bits and pieces of Chu’s travels decorate the walls and shelves.

Besides offering an elevated coffee experience, The Coffee Road invites customers to take a seat and work comfortably on the first or second floor of this nearly 3,000 square foot space. Mondays don’t seem so bad when you can sip on a perfectly balanced Stumpy from your own private nook. This cafe is pet-friendly.

Address: Av. Guillermo Prescott 365, San Isidro

best cafes in lima

Cover image: La Bodega Verde